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Appetizers – Also see our Dim Sum menu. Available all day ideal as a starter.

Malaysian style grilled chicken satay £6.90

on skewers 馬式雞肉串燒


Spare Ribs 排骨  £6.90

1. aromatic garlic  蒜香排骨                    

2. baked in barbecued sauce 燒汁排骨                                    

Steamed Scallop on shell (min 2 pieces) 

with black bean sauce 豉汁蒸帶子 £6.50 each      


Deep fried wan tons £6.00

with sweet & sour sauce



Sesame prawn on toast  £6.50


Crispy fried seaweed  £5.50


Crispy curry chicken rolls  £5.50


Crispy vegetarian spring rolls  V £5.00


Salt and pepper squid with spicy salt £6.50


Deep fried enoki needle mushrooms V £6.50

                    with spicy salt 椒鹽炸金菇                   


Appetizers to share 

Minced pork wraps £12.00

served with lettuce 肉鬆生菜包

Pearl’s mixed hot hors d’oeuvre £16.50

殷堂朝熱拼 Aromatic garlic spare ribs, Sesame prawn on toast, Curry chicken rolls, Crispy seaweed

Parl’s dim sum platter  £17.60      


Har Gau (prawn dumpling with bamboo shoots),

Shumai (prawn & chicken parcels),

Char sui buns (a small bun stuffed with roasted pork in a honey barbecue sauce)

Crispy Duck Rolls  


Soups 羹湯


Hot & sour soup szechwan style  £5.80

四川酸辣湯  (V option)   

Thai tom yum soup with won ton    £5.80

泰式冬蔭雲吞湯(V option)  


Creamy sweet corn soup    £5.50

with minced chicken 雞蓉粟米羹 (V option)

Lobster Bisque £7.80

(Subject to seasonal availability)


Pre-order Dishes   預訂菜式

(One day order in advance please)


Braised slices abalone    £68

with Chinese mushroom & Greens




Fresh lobster 豉椒焗龍蝦 (Seasonal Price)

in Bell pepper  & black bean sauce

can serve with e-fu noodles  £5.00

on request 可加伊麵底

A la Carte

Main Courses


                             ​    Poultry 家禽                                                                    

Crispy duck in plum sauce new style 梅子鴨 £13.00 

Penang style curry chicken 馬式咖喱雞  £11.00  


Kung po chicken Szechwan style  £11.00


Sizzling chicken with bell pepper £11.50   

& black bean sauce  鐵板豉椒雞片     


Crispy fried chicken £11.00   

in sweet & sour sauce 港式咕噜雞      OR

in honey & lemon sauce 西檸炸軟雞


Fried chicken with cashew nuts £11.00

in a golden basket 金巢腰菓雞 

       Meat 肉類          


Sizzling beef steak slices with bell pepper 15.00    

& black bean sauce  鐵板豉椒牛柳片  

Crispy shredded beef in chilli sauce £14.00


Black Pepper Seasame crispy lamb  £15.00 NEW


Sweet & sour pork Hong Kong Style  £12.00


Crispy pork loin cutlet   £12.00  NEW

with sweet soy & chilli sauce 香辣汁脆炸豬柳   


Ma-po tofu - (braised beancurd)   £12.00

with  prawn & minced meat 鮮蝦麻婆豆腐     


Spicy fine beans with pork & prawns £12.50


Seafood 海鲜

Sizzling king prawns with chilli   £14.50

& Bell pepper in black bean sauce 鐵板豉汁大蝦 


       king prawn quick fried £15.00     

                  in Thai red curry sauce                        



Whole Steamed sea bass 蒸鱸鱼  £23.00

in soya sauce with ginger & spring onions OR

     in black bean & garlic sauce

姜葱豉油皇 / 蒜蓉豉汁

Sweet & chilli sea bass fillet  £14.00

with sweet chilli sauce  


Malaysian style mixed seafood  £15.00

with sweet chilli sauce on banana leaf


Vegetables & tofu 蔬菜及豆腐

Seasonal vegetables : 時蔬        £9.00

Stir-fried W OR  W/O  Garlic  清炒/蒜蓉 

choice of :

a. bokchoy/b. french beans /c. broccoli /d. celery



Braised tofu box with mixed mushrooms  V £11.50



Braised tofu with black bean sauce  V  £10.00


Ma-po tofu vegetarian style  V  素麻婆豆腐 £10.00

Thai style vegetables curry  V £14.00 NEW 

 in a honey dew melon  泰式咖喱素菜蜜瓜盅

All of our dishes are freshly prepared to order by our expert chefs.

The Signature Dishes

Our famous crispy fragrant aromatic duck  


choices of :

 A. lightly coated with our secret recipe batter


 B. traditional style 傳統滷炸

quarter ¼ £12.00/  half £22.00/ whole £38.00

                                            半隻                      全隻

served with pancake, cucumber, spring onion

& an exotic sauce


Hong Kong style barbecued meat   港式燒味

Assorted Roasted Meat Platter 燒味拚盤  £17.50

Roasted Duck Hong Kong Style  明爐燒鴨

portion 12.00/ half £22.00/ whole £38.00

例牌£                        半隻                      全隻

Char sui (Honey Roasted Pork)  蜜汁叉燒  £11.00

Roasted Crispy Pork belly 脆皮燒肉 £13.00

Rice & Noodles 米飯及粉麵 


     Pearl special fried rice with XO sauce £12.00

XO 醬廚皇炒飯 (With prawns and char-sui)           

Fried rice with chicken & char sui £14.50

            & baked in pineapple 原個菠蘿叉燒雞粒炒飯                 


Thai chicken curry in a honey dew melon £14.50

served with steamed fragrant rice


Lotus leaf wrapped seafood fried rice in a basket

                                         招牌籠仔海鮮炒飯           £15.00


Prawn & scollop fried rice or Ho Fun  £15.00

In egg sauce 滑蛋蝦仁帶子炒飯/河粉

(Ho Fun : flat big  rice noodles)


fried udon with roasted duck in XO sauce £15.00

(udon : round plump wheat noodles) XO 醬鴨絲炒烏冬  


Singapore hot & spicy vermicelli £11.00

(vermicelli : rice noodles) 星州炒米, (V option)    


Stir fried ho fun with slices of steak £14.00

   & bean sprouts in supreme soya sauce   乾炒牛河    

Fried noodles with beef £12.00

          in black bean sauce 豉椒牛肉炒麵            


Mixed seafood fried udon noodles  £14.00


Crispy/soft noodles with chicken 雞絲炒脆麵 £10.00


Crispy/soft noodles with mixed vegetables V £9.00 雜錦時蔬炒麵

Fried soft noodles with bean sprouts  V£6.00

      in supreme soy sauce 豉油皇炒麵     


Fried vermicelli with bean sprouts  V  £6.00

insupreme soy sauce 豉油皇炒米 



Chips  £3.00

Prawn crackers £2.80

Egg fried rice V 蛋香炒飯 £3.00


Boiled fragrant jasmine rice V 絲苗香米飯  £2.00

Allergies & Genetic Modified: due to complexity of oriental cooking, we cannot guarantee that trace elements of such foods are not present. Please note some dishes may contain small bones.

Service not included. A 10% optional service charge applies for tables over 8

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