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Dim Sum Menu 點心

Dim Sum is light to eat as it comes in small portions. Most popular in Canton and Hong Kong.

It normally serves as breakfast, lunch and light meal; Dim Sum is perfect starters as well. 

We are proud of our Dim Sum. All are handmade and fresh daily. We are still the only restaurant in Cardiff serving Dim Sum all day!

Steamed dim sum 即蒸點心

Lobster Dumplings (3) £9.50

(Subject to seasonal availability)

Har Gau   竹筍鮮蝦餃  (3)  £5.50

prawn dumpling with bamboo shoots –

the no.1 choice on every dim sum menu

Shumai   蟹籽燒賣皇  (3)  £4.50

prawn & chicken parcels topped with

tobiko caviar

this is the 2nd popular item after har gau

Triple delight (3) £6.00

A trio of delicate prawn rice dumplings. Similar to Har Gau, each one uniquely crafted with different accents and colour

Scallop, king prawn & spinach  dumplings £6.50

帶子菠菜餃  (3)     


Steamed Chinese style baby bbq pork ribs £5.50



Chicken claws in black bean sauce £4.50


Shanghai siew long buns 上海小籠包  (3) £5.50

most famous dim sum in shanghai, a minced pork & crab meat parcel, with delicious hot broth being skilfully wrapped inside the small parcel which brings an unforgettable experience for your taste buds

Char sui buns   蜜汁叉燒包  (2)  £4.50

the 3rd essential order on the dim sum menu, a small bun stuffed with roasted pork in a honey barbecue sauce


        Monks vegetarian buns   V (2)  £4.00       

this small bun is stuffed with different mushrooms, wood ears, bamboo shoot, glass vermicelli and more


Vegetarian dumplings   素娥粉果 V  (3)  4.50


Cheung Fun   腸粉  (3)

thinly rolled rice flour pastry tubes filled with:)

made from rice flour: thinly rolled pastry tubes filled with :

Scallops & asparagus   蘆筍帶子腸            £6.50

King prawns & spring onion   香葱鮮蝦腸  £6.00

Beef & coriander   香荽牛肉腸  £5.50

Roasted pork honey barbecue  sauce   £5.50


Mixed mushroom & wood ears   香菇上素腸 V   £5.50 

baked dim sum 香焗點心

Baked  honey roasted pork puffs    £4.50

香麻叉燒酥  (3)

Curry chicken puffs   咖哩雞粒酥  (3)  £4.50

Buddha’s puffs   彿祖酥 V  (3)    £4.50


Crispy fried dim sum 脆炸點心

Mango & prawn spring rolls   £5.50

香芒蝦春卷  (3)

Crispy duck rolls   香酥鴨春卷   (3) £5.50 


Crispy curry chicken rolls  咖哩雞絲卷   (3)  £5.50

Crispy vegetarian spring rolls  上素香春卷 V (3) £5.00

Sesame & wafer paper wrapped prawn £5.50

威化芝麻蝦 (3) 


Crispy seafood parcels   脆皮海鲜角(3)  £6.00

Crispy pork & prawn croquettes £6.00    

鮮蝦鹹水角  (3)

Five spices crispy baby ribs £5.50


Pan fried Shanghai pork dumplings  £5.00

生煎上海窩貼  (3)

Fried gyoza (Japanese dumpling) £5.00

日式煎餃子 (3)

Deep fried wan tons   £6.00

served with sweet & sour sauce  

酸甜炸雲吞 (5)

Crispy Prawn rolls £6.00

脆皮蝦卷 (4)


Japanese style golden prawns   £6.00 

日式黄金蝦  (4)

Lotus Leaf wrap Glutinous Rice £5.00 荷葉糯米雞


Vegetarian beancurd rolls  £4.50

腐皮上素卷 V   (3)

Sweet Dim Sum & Dessert 甜點


Crispy battered paper wrapped roll   £4.95

with mango puree  香芒脆奶卷  V  (3) 

Deep fried cream custard buns   £4.95

鮮炸奶黃包 V (3) 

Chocolate Fudge Cake with cream £4.95

Italian style gelato three scoops    £4.95

(vanilla pod, chocolate, strawberry gelato)

Banana fritter with one scoop gelato £4.95

Flaming BANANA Flambé £7.95

with Cointreau


Coffee & tea

liqueur coffee £4.50


Espresso single  £2.20  Double  £2.65


Latte £2.75


Cappuccino ££2.55


Flat White £2.55


Americano £2.30


English Tea £2.30


Chinese Teas £2.80

(Green Tea, Red Tea, Floral Tea…)

Specialty Chinese loose leaf and Charming Blossoms teas from £2.80 (please ask your server for the full list)



Classics & Favourites


Mojito £7.95

Appleton dark rum, lime, sugar and mint.

Cosmopolitan £7.95

A timeless classic. Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry

with a squeeze of fresh lime.

No. 8 £7.95

short and simple. our own cranberry gin muddled with fresh strawberries & citrus.

a fruity treat

French Martini £7.95

A delectable combination of Wyborowa vodka, pineapple juice and blackberry liqueur work perfectly to create this smooth and fruity martini.

Flaming zombie £8.95

a potent creation with five different rums &

absinthe shaken with pineapple and apricot.

then topped with flaming wray & nephew

Margarita £7.95

el jimador blanco tequila, cointreau, and a

squeeze of lime shaken hard. served straight up

Old fashioned £7.95

bulleit bourbon muddled with angostura bitter

& orange zest then stirred. sweet zesty whiskey

Mai Tai £7.95

myers rum, cointeau, orgeat syrup & fresh lime.

trader vic’s classic, served short.

Hurricane £7.95

appleton white rum, myers dark rum, orange,

passionfruit & lime. a new orleans classic.

Sweet buddha £7.95

rose infused vodka shaken with lychee liqueur

& orange flower water

Jasmine & elderflower iced tea £7.95

zubrowka bison grass vodka, jasmine tea &

elderflower liqueur. served tall

Singapore sling £7.95

a tall, fruity classic. beefeater gin, cointreau,

cherry herring & pineapple


Bellini £7.95

dry prosecco with a splash of thick peach purée



Non-Alcoholic £3.95


Peach passion

jasmine tea with zingy passion fruit & peach.

refreshingly simple

Garden punch

mint, elderflower & cucumber mixed with apple to make an interesting thirst quencher

Rickshaw takeaway

fresh strawberries, elderflower, ginger & lemongrass blended with cranberry

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